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Mindless Escape is an Italian alternative rock band formed in Milano in 2015.It was founded by the brothers Antonio Ferri (vocals and guitar) and Giuseppe Ferri (drums) after a period spent traveling Australia. Amos Rossi and Andrea Fumagalli joined the band later on, respectively at the bass guitar and guitar & sampling.
Their sound comes from a mix of 90s American alternative rock and psychedelic vibes from the late 60s. The band was also influenced by the independent Australian music scene. The introduction of synthesizer and sampling completed the atmospheres but they never lost the strong link with the practice room. 
In 2018 they published their first album, Parking Lots, in a DIY spirit, in order to shape their music without constraints. A strong collaboration with Tommaso Simonetta and Fabio Cerasa were essential for the recording session.
The album was followed by a promotional tour involving 20 venues in the north of Italy, reaching its highest with Alcatraz stage in Milano. The band took part to Emergenza Festival earning access to national final.

The band is going to work on the new album, whitout stopping live performances.

29 jun

Via Valtellina, 25 Milano - H 24:00 

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Antonio Ferri - Vocals & Guitar

Amos Rossi - Bass Guitar

Giuseppe Ferri - Drums

Andrea Fumagalli - Synth & Guitar


Collaborations & previous members:

Tommaso Simonetta  - Guitar & Synth/Sampling

Fabio Cerasa- Bass Guitar




Phone: +39 349 4096987

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Tommaso Simonetta - Mindless Escape